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Live Streaming Webcam

Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel, London Road, Wickford, Essex. Here you will find details about many of the services, events and activities which take place within our parish. Whether you are new to the parish, visiting Wickford for the weekend, or a long standing parishioner, we hope that you find this website helpful and informative.

Message from Fr Mark

As of Monday 19th July, there will be a relaxation of rules for attendance at Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel, as follows:

  1. No bookings for Mass will be required, but people will still need to give the stewards their contact details upon entry into the church, or, alternatively, people will be able to use the QR codes that will be posted on the doors.
  2. Sanitiser will still be available as people enter the church.
  3. People are strongly encouraged to wear face masks or visers, unless they are exempt- this is still very important.
  4. All benches will be available for use- but people will still be directed to their seats by a steward, and they will also be asked to leave a space between house bubbles.
  5. Stewards will still invite people to come up for the distribution of Holy Communion.
  6. In addition, stewards will still help people to leave safely, but if people wish to wait behind to pray or light candles, they will be able to do so, but they will only be able to light candles after people have left.
  7. Congregational singing is now allowed, but we will begin that gradually, by singing together just the Mass parts. Please note that face masks will need to stay on while singing.
  8. The Offertory Procession will still be omitted.
  9. Seating for Weekend Masses will begin 30 minutes before Mass begins, so, please arrive in good time so that we can take your contact details and seat you before Mass begins. If people are not here by the Alleluia, they will not be able to gain entry for Mass.

Finally, I am pleased to advise that the church will be open daily from Tuesdays to Sundays for private prayer, and every weekday Mass, including Tuesday nights, will be open to the public.

Also, Confessions, when they are scheduled, will be held in the chapel at the back of the church for the time being.

God bless,

Fr Mark